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Aims and Objectives
•We believe it is part of the contract between government and public that public financial management (PFM) should be conducted with integrity and professionalism
• We believe good PFM is important to the effective and efficient provision of essential public services
• We consider an important aspect of good PFM is the accountability by government to the public for the resources it spends on their behalf
• We wish to support the improvement of PFM, particularly in developing countries
• We consider in any scheme of improvement, it is important to establish expectations for change that are reasonable and desirable in the circumstances.
• We maintain it is vital that private sector participants maintain constructive working relationships with the public sector organisations with whom they interact.​

What we do
• We undertake information gathering on standards of PFM practice
• We seek views from members of the public regarding their perceptions of PFM practice
• We offer support to public service providers and those interested in helping to improve PFM practice
• We provide a wide range of advisory and analytical services to assist private sector clients in developing their relationships with public sector organisations​

Who we are
• We are PFM practitioners who have collectively amassed extensive senior executive experience in public and private sectors and provided advice across the world to governments and other public sector organisations 
• We have worked in collaboration with many of the world's major development agencies

John Leonardo & David Fellows
Founding principals